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Nissan is relaunching the Qashqai – with an unusual hybrid drive

Nissan is relaunching the Qashqai. At the beginning of 2021, the compact SUV will come with some innovations and an unconventional hybrid drive. First information!

D.he new Nissan Qashqai is in the starting blocks. The third generation of the compact SUV will be officially presented in early 2021 – and already in the spring it rolls to the dealers. There is still no reliable information about the prices. AUTO BILD is expecting a slightly higher entry price, because the new Qashqai has more technology on board than its predecessor. It should start at around 29,000 euros.

New platform debuts in Qashqai

The doors, front fenders and bonnet of the new Qashqai are made of aluminum. That saves weight.

© Nissan

Qashqai number three is based on a new platform (CMF-C), but the proportions remain the same. The SUV is still a bit bigger. In length, the Japanese has increased by 35 millimeters and comes to around 4.43 meters. A good three centimeters more width (1.84 meters) could have a positive effect on the space available. The same goes for the increased wheelbase of around 2.67 meters (previously: around 2.65 m). The trunk volume increases with the model change from 430 liters to 480 liters. For the well-being of the passengers, Nissan has announced more headroom.

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ProPilot with new functions

With the new generation Nissan revises the ProPilot assistance system. The adaptive cruise control with lane keeping function should Brake more smoothly, steer more smoothly and have access to navigation datato reduce speed before a curve or a roundabout. The ProPilot should also react to speed limits on downhill sections – i.e. brake independently. Besides, this is System coupled to the blind spot alarmso that the Qashqai can, if necessary, correct the driver’s inattentiveness when changing lanes. In addition, the assistants watch over the flanks of the Qashqai if there is a risk of trouble when turning. Also relevant to safety: LED headlights are standard. In the most expensive version, they are adaptive, so they adapt to the external conditions and prevent, among other things, the dazzling of oncoming traffic.

Unconventional hybrid drive for the new Qashqai

Nissan relaunch the Qashqai & amp; # x96; with an unusual hybrid drive

The trunk lid is made of plastic and is 2.6 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.

© Nissan

The following is known about the engines: There will be the new Qashqai with a 1.3 liter mild hybrid gasoline engine in two power levels (138 hp and 155 hp). In both versions, the power is transmitted to the front axle via a manually shifted gear as standard. There is also a CVT gearbox for the 155 hp engine. The Qashqai will also be available as an all-wheel drive – but only in combination with the 155 hp engine and automatic CVT. A few months after the market launch, an unusual drive concept will follow. In the drive train known as “e-Power”, a combustion engine feeds – depending on the load – a battery or an electric motor that drives the front wheels. Amazing here: The combustion engine is used exclusively for energy supply, i.e. it does not drive the wheels directly. According to Nissan, the sprint strength and sovereignty of an electric drive should be combined with the range security of a combustion engine. In addition, the system could manage with a relatively small battery, which should have a positive effect on driving characteristics.


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