NLS Nürburgring: With rapper Smudo over the Nordschleife

Today Smudo (53) does not hold the microphone in his hand, but the steering wheel. The Fanta 4 rapper races over the legendary Nürburgring in his organic Porsche (3.8 liter boxer engine, 425 hp). And I, the AUTO BILD reporter, can go along.
Smudo has been competing in the endurance races at the Nürburgring (NLS) since 2003. Initially with Volkswagen, later with Porsche. Sit down, put on your belt – and off you go! The “raging rapper” hits the gas pedal. Only two laps on the shorter GP track to warm up the tires. Then we turn onto the famous Nordschleife. More than 20 kilometers. 73 turns.

The musician starts for the “Four Motors” team of ex-DTM driver Thomas von Löwis. The aim is to make motorsport more sustainable and to promote the development of the emission-free automobile. “Sounds absurd, like non-alcoholic beer,” jokes Smudo. “Of course we don’t protect the climate by driving in circles here!”

Smudo from the Fantastischen Vier has also been active in motorsport for years.

But the project still has a strong impact. The Porsche Cayman GT4 is filled with E20 fuel to which 20 percent sustainably produced bioethanol is added. “This is incredibly effective, because 20 percent less CO2 and even 60 percent less particulate matter are produced,” explains Smudo.

The innovative fuel is hardly noticeable in the cockpit. And if so, then only in a positive way. When accelerating, we are pushed deep into our seats. “People look stupid when I tell them that our Porsche has even more power thanks to the bio-fuel,” smiles the Fanta 4 rapper before banging his Porsche over the Nordschleife again.
At over 250 km / h, Smudo races through the guard rail canal, at the limit. The 3.8-liter boxer engine with 425 hp roars behind us. A robust sound that would probably have to be avoided in the age of electromobility. “Electromobility just doesn’t fit a racing car,” says Smudo honestly. “But I am very neutral and I think all paths are good that are good for the environment. We can’t be picky. “

And with the Porsche, the team shows what is possible in terms of environmental protection. The lightweight components are made from natural bio-fibers and when it comes to lubricants, “Four Motors” relies on refined engine and transmission oil, which reduces CO2 emissions during production by up to 80 percent. “The dirt comes out and we can actually use the oil in the engine again,” says Smudo proudly. “So there is no need to produce new oil.”

We took a seat in the passenger seat of Smudo.

The brake pads are environmentally friendly and wear-resistant. One of the latest projects is the world’s first CO2-neutral aluminum rim from RONAL. The production takes place in Germany and 100 percent with green electricity. For the most part, recycled aluminum is used for production. Unavoidable CO2 emissions are covered by a compensation project.

Back on the Nordschleife. Shortly after the Stefan-Bellof-S, one of the fastest sections of the Nordschleife, Smudo can just catch the Porsche. Another car is spreading a slippery liquid on the asphalt right in front of us. “By the way: our bio-fuel shouldn’t be drunk, but it isn’t even harmful to groundwater,” says the musician.

Why the whole thing? “The climate catastrophe is here and we will have to live with it. Nobody wants to do without a car anymore, so it is important to find measures to protect the climate, ”warns Smudo. “It has to be done quickly, but politics is often too slow. On the other hand, we have seen from the corona pandemic that some things happen amazingly quickly under pressure. And that gives hope for the future. “

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