“No choice, the Seleção must win”

Torn between the Roude Léiw and Portugal, many members of the Portuguese community believe in the victory Tuesday of Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates. But with a little pinch for their team at heart.



Torn between the Roude Léiw and Portugal, many members of the Portuguese community believe in the victory Tuesday of Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates. But with a little pinch for their team at heart.

Whether they are residents or not, the supporters of the Seleção will have their eyes riveted on their screens this Tuesday evening. But a few hours before the start of these qualifications for the 2022 World Cup, between Luxembourg and Portugal, for many the pill is bitter.

Portugal's forward Cristiano Ronaldo (C, L) and forward Joao Felix (C, R) take part in a training session on the eve of the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifying football match Portugal Vs Azerbaijan on March 23, 2021 at the 'Juventus Training Center 'in Turin. (Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO / AFP)

In the absence of the new national stadium, it is on the lawn of the old official ground that the Portuguese team will come to warm up this Monday, before facing Luxembourg in the framework of the qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup. 2022.

“I did not miss a single match, I would have liked to be able to party,” laments Alexandre Lopes. Covid obliges, the match will be played behind closed doors. From Lisbon, Simão Lind shares his frustration. Used to following Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates across Europe, the young web developer will have to be content like the others on his sofa. “It’s a real shame, these are always moments of celebration and the opportunity to meet Portuguese from other countries”, also regrets Steve Olas. No songs, nor “sports communion” for this edition. Alexandre even thinks he sees the game on his phone between two meetings. “I wouldn’t miss the kick-off for the world,” he says.

Gerson Rodrigues und die Luxemburger gehen nach dem Sieg gegen Irland selbstbewusst ins Duell mit den Portugiesen um José Fonte (r.).

The Roude Léiw will face Cristiano Ronaldo and his team on Tuesday in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. A meeting that promises to be very special on many points. Explanations.

As for the forecasts, the three thirties are mixed. Steve still hasn’t chosen sides. “I am always divided when these two teams play,” he says. From a very young age, it is on Luxembourg lawns that the thirty-something of Portuguese origin has dribbled together. “Whoever wins, I’ll win anyway!” He adds impatiently. Director of the Hamm Benfica club, Alexandre Lopes is less hesitant to him: “the Seleção will win!”, He affirms. But he would not be surprised if the Roude Léiw had a few fears in store for the Portuguese. “The Luxembourg team is getting better every year. Soon it could even make its debut at the worlds “, he analyzes, even if for him the Portuguese players are still evolving” on another level “.

Laola im Stade Josy Barthel / Fussball, Qualifikation Europameisterschaft 2020, Gruppe B, Spieltag 10 / 17.11.2019 / Luxemburg – Portugal / Stade Josy Barthel / Foto: Yann Hellers

“No choice, the Seleção must win,” exclaims Simão Lind. Faced with the pressure, the young web developer is nervous. “For the moment we are tied with Serbia, we must not be fooled,” he worries. But he relies on Cristiano, his “superstar” to ensure victory. An opinion that Steve Olas does not share. “He is 36 years old, he has less energy than Jota or Bernardo. And it can be felt in his game, ”decrypts the young amateur footballer, believing that the captain is“ no longer really in the race ”.

Faced with these forecasts, only one certainty: the game should not be disturbed by the lawn which had given the Josy-Barthel teams a hard time. Cristiano Ronaldo himself had compared it to a “field of potatoes”.

The stadium was unable to accommodate the players for their training. The gardeners even had to intervene during half-time to try to limit the damage. “It’s a recurring problem in Luxembourg stadiums,” deplores Alexandre Lopes. He is counting on the City to make efforts on this subject in the years to come. “The town has a lot of land to manage, and not necessarily the means behind it,” he adds.

Failing to be able to inaugurate the Luxembourg stadium, the work of which has been delayed, the two teams should be able to count on good, almost summer weather.

As a reminder, Luxembourg is in Group A, which also includes Portugal, Serbia, Ireland and Azerbaijan. So far, Serbia and Portugal lead the group with four points. The Roude Léiws move up to third place following their victory against Ireland. Note that their last meeting in the Grand Duchy ended in a 0-2 victory for Portugal on November 17, 2019.


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