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No decision in court case kitten Lee: owner Selena will not have to pay a penalty

Selena Ali, a psychology student from Stabroek, brought the shelter cat Lee from Peru where she stayed for several weeks for an internship. Due to the corona crisis, Selena had to return to our country early in March. For the return trip, Lee received the mandatory rabies vaccine. Normally he had to be quarantined, but that did not happen. That is why the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) wanted to have the animal euthanized. Selena just refused to hand over Lee. The food agency then had a search conducted, but Selna had moved the cat elsewhere.

The FASFC did not stop there and took Selena to court. The agency demands a penalty of 5,000 euros per hour that the cat is not handed over. Moreover, the FASFC wants Selena to stop talking about the case in public and demands 1,000 euros each time she does.


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