No delay in case of multiple corona cases: ‘You can already play with thirteen players’

In the past period, various messages trickled through which showed that premier league clubs had to deal with corona cases, including Feyenoord and Ajax. That this will also happen during the season seems a certainty, but the KNVB is taking a tough stance. “We will not be quick to say that the game does not have to be played”, KNVB match manager Jan Bluyssen told De Telegraaf.

Thirteen players

According to UEFA regulations, a club can play a match with twelve fit field players and one fit goalkeeper. The KNVB adheres to this, although they look at each case separately. When a team suddenly knows six positive cases, the situation is already different. “Because then there will be an acute outbreak and the GGD will quarantine the team,” says Bluyssen.

It also matters which club it concerns. “There is a difference between a club like Ajax with the large number of contract players and a club from the Kitchen Champion Division with fewer players. We will look at it with reasonableness and fairness.”


To leave as little as possible to chance, the KNVB has drawn up a corona protocol. For example, clubs must conduct a corona test on all their players 24 hours before the start of each match.

This Saturday sc Heerenveen and Willem II kick off the new competition.


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