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No Emmy for Oscar nominated films Entertainment

In recent years it has often happened that documentaries are first released in cinemas and then shown on television. Mountaineering docu Free Solo For example, won an Oscar in 2019 and an Emmy later in the year, because the film was also broadcast on National Geographic.

The measures will only take effect next year. Oscar nominated documentaries American Factory and The Cave, which were shown on Netflix and National Geographic after their cinema release, may still go for an Emmy this year.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the Oscars, has no such measure yet. A film would therefore still have a chance of an Oscar after an Emmy nomination. This is only possible if a film is broadcast before June 1, the deadline for TV programs to compete for an Emmy that year.

The Academy, as the Oscar organization is usually simply called, has introduced a one-time exception for the upcoming award in connection with the corona virus. Films that have missed their cinema premiere because the cinemas are closed are eligible for an Academy Award for this time if they have only been released on demand.


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