No garage queen: Ferrari Enzo with almost 150,000 kilometers

645,000 euros: That’s how much a Ferrari Enzo cost in 2002. A bargain compared to today’s prices, because since the presentation the prices of the limited Ferrari have only known one direction. In the meantime, Enzo are changing hands for around three million euros. From the beginning, the limited special model was not just a car, but also an investment. Unsurprisingly, most Enzos are not driven at all or only a few, carefully driven kilometers per year. But there is at least one exception: the “MM Enzo” with almost 150,000 kilometers on the clock. This is the spectacular story of a very special Ferrari!

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“MM Enzo” stands for “Most Miles Enzo”, i.e. the Enzo with the highest mileage and this is exactly the goal Richard Losee has been pursuing since he bought the Enzo new in 2003. The 660 hp super sports car shouldn’t be left to gather dust in some garage, it should be driven – and a lot!

The Enzo will be 20 years old in 2022

In 2002, the Enzo was launched as the successor to the F50 and was the fastest road-legal Ferrari of all time at the time. The Italians were so proud of the supercar that they decided to name it after the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. Even 20 years after the presentation, the 4.70 meter long and 2.04 meter wide Enzo still looks futuristic thanks to its angular shape, the F1 nose and the gullwing doors.
MM Enzo
In all weathers: While most Ferraris are not even driven in the rain, the Enzo is also driven in the snow.

When it comes to driving performance – 3.6 seconds to 100 km/h and a top speed of 355 km/h – the Enzo does not have to hide from today’s super sports cars. The 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 in the Enzo delivers 660 hp and 657 Nm at a maximum speed of 8200 rpm. The engine was later used in a slightly modified form in the Ferrari 599 GTB (620 hp) and in the Maserati MC12 (632 hp), which was limited to just 50 units.

400 Ferrari Enzo were built

Originally, 349 Enzos were built, just as many as the Ferrari F50. However, due to popular demand, Ferrari decided to make 50 more Enzos before announcing it would build a final Enzo, which was ceremoniously presented to Pope John Paul II and subsequently auctioned at Sotheby’s for €1.055 million. Proceeds were donated to survivors of the 2004 tsunami.
Maserati MC12 (2004)

The Maserati MC12 is closely related to the Ferrari Enzo, but much rarer with only 50 examples built.

According to official figures, a total of 400 Ferrari Enzos left the Maranello factory, although there are still rumors that more Enzos were built. A copy of the Enzo, which weighs only 1365 kilos, went to the American Richard Losee, who did not see his Ferrari purely as an investment.

Already 50,000 kilometers after just three years

The first thing he did was lend his new Ferrari Enzo to the magazine Road&Track, which ran 2,500 kilometers with the valuable super sports car as part of an extensive test. At the latest after this campaign, Losee came up with the idea of ​​driving the Enzo as much as possible and with the help of Road&Track, who were actually allowed to use the Enzo as a kind of endurance test, after three years almost 50,000 kilometers (over 30,000 miles) were up the digital speedometer. Just to clarify: the vast majority of Enzos are not driven that much in their entire car life.

But in 2006 there was an abrupt turn in the history of the “MM Enzo”. At a charity event in Utah, Losee lost control of his Enzo on a closed road at 332 km/h. It was completely destroyed in this crash and it took Losee over a year to fully recover.

The V12 was converted to biturbo and is said to produce 800 hp

Curiously, even this bad accident couldn’t dissuade Losee from his plan and so the petrolhead decided to repair the Enzo. This rebuild took two and a half years and while you were at it, the naturally aspirated V12 was converted to biturbo.
MM Enzo

Practical: In order to be able to transport a second set of rims with winter tires, a special tire carrier was made for the Enzo.

Now with over 800 hp, Losee wanted to set a speed record on a salt lake in 2010. With a top speed of almost 382 km/h, it was able to significantly exceed the top speed of 355 km/h specified by the factory. After the high-speed run, however, it became quiet around the “MM Enzo”.

Until the well-known Enzo reappeared on Instagram in 2019. In the meantime, user @dryl8k has taken on a kind of sponsorship for the Ferrari. Means: Losee is still the owner and drives the Enzo regularly, but most of the time @dryl8k is at the wheel of the Enzo and continues the project.

Just recently he posted a photo showing that the Enzo has now clocked up over 147,000 kilometers (91,530 miles). Unbelievable but true, the Enzo now functions as an everyday car, regardless of the wind and weather. While probably 99 percent of Enzo owners wouldn’t even think about taking their sweetheart out of the garage when it rains, the “MM Enzo” is also driven in the snow. A special tire carrier was even specially made for this purpose, which makes it possible to take a complete second set of wheels with you.

But the tire carrier isn’t the Enzo’s only custom build. Many years ago, Losee ordered a second set of gullwing doors from which he had the top part removed, so that the Enzo mutated into a Targa. As a video shows, the doors can be replaced with relatively little effort.

At this point it should be clear that this Ferrari Enzo has had an eventful car life and is anything but a garage queen. The countdown to the 100,000 mile mark (160,000 kilometers) has now started and it will be exciting to see whether the Enzo will still reach this milestone in 2022.

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