‘No iPhone 12’ – What is Apple coming up with today?

The new iPhone 12s will be missing during the Apple event Tuesday evening, Bloomberg news agency, The Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel, BuzzFeed journalist John Paczkowski and well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported.

At the end of July, Apple already announced that the iPhones would be released a few weeks later than normal this year. Until now, it was unclear whether the disclosure would move accordingly.

New Apple Watch

During the event, Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. Dutch time, the new Apple Watch and iPad Air would be unveiled.

The new Apple Watch is probably called the Apple Watch Series 6, and would be very similar to last year’s Series 5. Most notable new feature would be the addition of a blood oxygen meter.

Apple is also likely to come with a successor to the Apple Watch Series 3, a cheaper model with a smaller screen. It would be the Apple Watch counterpart of the iPhone SE, with a modern chip in a familiar housing.

iPad Air more towards iPad Pro

The iPad Air would be aligned with the iPad Pro in appearance this year. That means: thinner screen edges with rounded corners and the disappearance of the physical home button. As with the iPad Pro and recent iPhones, the tablet is operated with swipe gestures.

The new iPad Air would not have a face scanner like the Pro, but a finger scanner in the lock button on the edge of the device. Pro functions such as the fastest chip and a 120Hz screen would also be missing. The new iPad Air would fit on the magnetic Magic Keyboard.

Bundle of subscriptions

Bloomberg does not make any concrete predictions about what will be revealed on Tuesday, but rumors have been going on for months. For example, a bundling of the various Apple subscriptions is expected, under the name Apple One. Customers could then bundle their subscriptions to Apple Music, Arcade, TV + and iCloud for a lower price.

AirTag search labels

Apple would also work on the search labels AirTags, allegedly a small white disc that can be attached to a key ring, for example. If it is lost, the label could report its location to a nearby iPhone, even if it isn’t the owner’s iPhone.

Furthermore, Apple would come with a smaller version of the smart speaker HomePod.

New iPhones in October?

The new iPhones would be announced in October. For the first time, Apple would unveil four new models: an iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, both in two sizes. According to analyst Kuo, the new iPhones would not yet have improved, smooth screens with 120 Hz refresh rate.

In November, according to Bloomberg, Apple would unveil the first Macs with its own Apple chip. Apple announced the move to such a computer earlier this year, after 15 years of using Intel chips in Macs.

Watch live and participate in the conversation

The Apple event ‘Time Flies’ can be followed Tuesday evening via Apple’s events page and via YouTube.

Immediately afterwards, Bright will broadcast a live stream in which the announcements are discussed. Follow our YouTube channel and ask your questions.


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