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‘No longer the lust, but the love’

For diehard enthusiasts Temptation Island it might take a moment to swallow: in the new season love reigns, much less lust. Carré Albers is participating as a single.

Fans feasted on it for seasons Temptation Island in all shapes and sizes. “The Ultimate Fantasy”, “Darkest Secrets”, everything passed. Seducers tried to disrupt the love life of countless lovebirds. Feast as said, but “flat” – many thought – at the same time. The following will start tomorrow in a new style on Videoland Temptation Island-season: Love or Leave. Viewers who also follow foreign editions (they exist and many do!) Will see the US version, one that is appreciated worldwide. Because: love reigns. Two weeks in a men’s and women’s villa, including all those singles instead of seducers.

Temptation Island, hell!

Carré Albers tells that Subway in each case. The 25-year-old from Amsterdam is one of the twelve female singles who left for a love island in Italy with the presenters Monica Geuze and Kaj Gorgels. So did twelve male singles and four couples. The goal for the young couples this time: to give each other total freedom in “an ultimate relationship test” and find out whether they are really meant for everyone. Or… to find out if one of the singles might suit them much better. In the teaser and episode 1 die Subway was shown, despite “that love”, things are also going strong (“Temptation is hell! “). And the panting you hear doesn’t come from skipping rope.

A photo of the female singles in Temptation Island
The female singles from Temptation Island, with Carré in front, second from the right. Photo: Videoland

Carré will not be an unfamiliar face for many young viewers. The (voice) actress and presenter was and can be seen in the online series Shelf fillers (Jaylee) and Fitness (Kelsey) and from January on NPO 3 in The Slut of 6 VWO. Her 36,000 Instagram followers will have enjoyed participating in on TV last year First Dates. And her resume as a voice actress is long, culminating in starring Verity in Disney’s Pokémon: I Choose You! (“My dream was that”, haha).

As Carré Temptation Island on

First Dates did not yield new love, so Carré gladly gave up Temptation Island in. As Carré of course, not as Madam actress: a social person and also a bit of a nerd (she says in the program that she is a geek). “I wasn’t such a diehard fan of it Temptation, but I enjoyed watching it regularly with friends. All that drama looks good. Furthermore, I was not very concerned with it. ”

But “Temptation new style “nevertheless crossed her path. Carré about her participation: “I happened to be ready for a new adventure, my life had become a bit monotonous. I worked a lot and because of corona I couldn’t do much else like everyone else. Because I am very looking for love myself, the program seemed interesting to me. Finding love is always not that successful with me, so I wanted to meet new people again. I didn’t necessarily have to find the love of my life, making new friends is also a lot of fun. So I thought why not? Let me look at it. And suddenly I was in Italy. ”

Did Carré “score”?

Subway fishes straight for Carrés Temptation-Result: Is there a new lover sitting next to her on the couch while calling? “No, I don’t have a beautiful man next to me right now.” She gets out of it smartly. “But that doesn’t mean anything. It could just be that he went to work. You do not know.”

A photo of Carré Albers on Temptation Island

Back to the crave villas, oh no, love villas of course. “The beginning was completely fun and enjoyable, everyone was looking forward to the adventure,” says Carré. “But the longer you sit there, the more difficult it gets. Many people will underestimate how difficult it can be to spend a fortnight with strangers in a villa abroad. Without your phone and without the support of your dear family, friends and girlfriends. The further those two weeks went on, the more difficult it got, even though I had a good connection with all those boys and girls. Beforehand I was a bit afraid that nobody would like me, but I’m glad I went. ”

“Reality TV is so different”

The fact that Carré is an actress could be difficult for her. She knows exactly what it’s like to be in front of the camera, but the makers of Temptation of course did not want to see that actress. “That’s right. But I soon found out that your camera experience there is no use at all. Reality TV is so different. In acting I know exactly what to do and what to watch. In Temptation you never know what will happen next. It must remain exciting for the participants, so we were not told much. Fortunately I can easily be myself. ”

A photo of the four couples in Temptation Island

Temptation Island was too vulgar

And, what we would of course like to know: will all hell break loose again? Carré cannot say too much: “But I promise you a very good season, if I compare it with the previous years.” The new style particularly appeals to her. “Everyone thinks a bit more about drinking, for example, it is not completely unrelated in that respect. It’s more classy, ​​more mature, and more serious, like I do Temptation USA have seen. I would never tempt that other Temptations have participated. This is about love, not about lust and testing fidelity. For us it was about “we are the one for each other“And I like that much better. The fans will appreciate that too, I think. As viewers rather about Temptation Island had anything to complain about, it was that it was too flat and tacky. Now they get drama. ”

Suppose that this beautiful man does crawl on the couch next to Carré tonight after work: would she ever consider living with her lover as a couple? Temptation Island to enter? “Difficult question. But I think I would be too scared to lose what I have at the time. As a single I had nothing to lose and as a couple you do. A Temptationadventure is therefore probably not worth the effort. “

Temptation Island: Love or Leave can be seen on Videoland from tomorrow (2 episodes), the next ten Thursdays each time 1 new episode will follow.

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