No money back for complainers about ‘numerous defects’ Tesla taxi

The four taxi drivers indicated that the Teslas showed ‘countless defects’, actually immediately after delivery, according to the recently published verdict. This has led to lost sales. That is why they want to return the purchase amount of around 86,000 euros from the American car manufacturer.

‘Tesla Paradox’

“The windshield wiper hits the hood. The flashing lights on the side let go. The side mirror adjusts itself as it sees fit. The tire pressure sensor breaks off. Clicking sounds during steering and braking. The suspension creaks, the wind is loud, in the reversing light is damp “, drivers complained NRC Handelsblad.

Tesla may be a popular brand, but the quality of the cars is regularly questioned. The American magazine Forbes calls this the ‘Tesla Paradox’: Tesla drivers feel very connected to the brand, but in terms of production quality, Tesla dangles at the bottom of the rankings. The leading J.D. Power puts Tesla in last place.

Still in use

Nevertheless, the Dutch court sees no reason in the defects to go along with the demands of the taxi drivers. Tesla drivers still use their car as a taxi, five years after purchase. According to the court, this is not in line with the argument of the four that the car is not suitable as a taxi.

There is also a more technical reason for rejecting the requirements. The cars were officially not bought from Tesla itself, but from another company. The drivers should aim their arrows at that company.


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