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No more booze and drugs for Najib Amhali

The comedian is very candid, also in his biography that will be in stores from Thursday. The book would first appear on its 25th anniversary as an artist, in the 2020-2021 season. But the announced show has become uncertain due to the corona crisis. “I can sit on a stool and tell jokes for thirty or a hundred people, that’s how I started in Toomler,” he laughs. “But nowadays I tour with a large crew and a huge decor. That is simply not affordable with so little audience in the room. I do have a buffer, but it is also not endless.”

The biography was not his own suggestion, the comedian from Krommenie frankly acknowledges. “The publisher had asked me before,” he says. “But I didn’t think it was necessary. I used to be much less open about my life.” When Amhali overcame his “black period” of booze and drugs last year, he felt more urgency to share his life story. “I’ve had a lot of benefit to people who were in the same shit as me,” explains the comedian. “You have to flip a button, and your basics have to be good, which is very important. I wanted to share that science in the hope that it could help people who are struggling with the same problems.”

Furthermore, the biography is quite a success story, Amhali acknowledges. “I once started in the community centers of Krommenie, now I am in the Ziggo Dome and CarrĆ©,” he says, not dissatisfied. Perhaps he would have liked to act more – the comedian graduated from drama school but hardly got any roles. So he decided to try his luck as a prankster. He has been doing this for a quarter of a century with great success – his well-known sketch Broodje Hassan, two decades old, was suddenly a big hit on TikTok in recent weeks. “I am very proud that I have been able to reach such a wide audience in the past 25 years. White, black, young, old. From 8 to 88, from GroenLinks to PVV. With or without a headscarf – everything is in my audience. Apparently, jokes can actually fraternize. “


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