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No plans for King’s Day? Go through the tompouce drive-thru!

Just a little while longer, and then it will be our king’s birthday again. King’s Day is marked with large orange block letters in many agendas, but again there are no fun parties this year. But that of course does not mean that you have to stay at home boring. Here and there fun corona proof (or online) outings are organized, such as a real orange tompouce drive-thru. And believe us, you want to be there.

Celebrate King’s Day from your own car? Should be possible. Throw some orange trim on the windows and you’re all set.

Orange tompouce drive-thru

It is no fun to be constantly reminded that there is hardly anything to do with this King’s Day again. Yet that is (for a while) the harsh reality. That is why you can eat a lot of extra tompoucen from us this year, provided they are really tasty.

And especially if you don’t have any plans for King’s Day yet, you should give the tompouce drive-thru a try. Robert van Beckhoven, whom you may still know from Who is the mole?, organizes the tompouce-thru. He is Master Boulanger and has his own bakery in Oisterwijk in Brabant. So there will also be the drive-thru. Time for a road trip (or not, if you live close to Oisterwijk).

Tasty snacks

The orange cream cakes are freshly made with homemade puff pastry, real Swiss vanilla cream and orange fondant. Our mouths are already watering. Not a tompouce lover? You can also pick up other snacks from the drive thru, such as tiger puffs, macarons and orange chocolate flakes.

You can place your order through the bakery’s site and choose a time to pick it up from the drive-thru. For example, you have four orange cream cakes for ten euros. Nice to share with your friends or family.

More King’s Day activities

The weather forecast for King’s Day is, as can be seen now, not great, but certainly not bad either. So you can easily put a seat in the garden on the orange day and enjoy yourself, but there are also a few other things organized. So you can walk like royalty, because the culinary walks in several cities in the country continue as usual. You can do such a wine and food walk in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Amersfoort, among others.

In Amsterdam, a few online free markets are also organized, in various places. So you can just be there from home – even from abroad. And The Streamers even give a concert! The Streamers is a group of various artists such as Guus Meeuwis, Kraantje Pappie and Davina Michelle, and they close King’s Day with an online musical party that everyone can attend for free.

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No plans for King’s Day? Go through the tompouce drive-thru!


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