No production at Audi Brussels next week due to a shortage of chips

There are dozens of chips in new cars, which serve, for example, to check the engine or the air conditioning. However, those chips are also used for smartphones and laptops, for example. And that is precisely where the problem is: because many people have to stay at home because of corona, the demand for electronics is enormous and chip companies are struggling to be able to supply enough to the car sector. There are also distribution problems due to the stricter lockdowns.

For example, a Ford factory in Germany had to close its doors for a month, just like a Ford factory in the US. Other car companies such as Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi and Daimler face the same problems.

Audi Brussels, which employs some 3,000 people in total, is not spared the inconvenience either. Next week there will be insufficient chips in stock and the production program will have to be adjusted. “This week there will be no production from Monday morning to Friday evening,” said spokesman Peter D’Hoore, who emphasized that the planned annual production for 2021 is not jeopardized by this inconvenience.


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