No restart for former Blokker stores in Belgium | Financial

The chain with 119 stores was declared bankrupt at the end of last year. Mega World had more than EUR 40 million in debt. About 650 people lost their jobs due to the bankruptcy. The retail stock is sold by the receivers to a French company. “It’s only about the merchandise, not about the layout of the stores such as shelves, cash registers or shopping baskets. We are still working on a solution for that.”

The Blokker stores in Belgium were taken over earlier last year by the Dutchman Dirk Bron. Justice in Belgium then opened an investigation into the businessman, focusing on possible forgery of documents, forgery of annual accounts and misuse of corporate assets. In the Netherlands, Bron is on trial for fraud in the trade in boxer shorts and slippers, but he himself contradicts all accusations.


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