“No Solar Roof”: Tesla opponent is looking for evidence, is said to have filmed the new solar roof version

Not everyone who has something to complain about Tesla or its products is a bitter opponent of the company, but one can certainly say that about a loose merger on Twitter: Under the hashtag #tslaq (the Tesla stock exchange abbreviation, supplemented by the q for Bankrupt companies), among other things, collect material that is not only intended to prove the imminent end of Tesla, but also various allegations of fraud. A self-declared member of this group wanted to demonstrate with aerial photos that the Tesla product Solar Roof does not even exist – and instead only discovered a new version of it.

Solar Roof shouldn’t exist

Tesla CEO Elon Musk described the photovoltaic roof tiles as the next “killer product” from Tesla in autumn 2020 and recently stated that it would also be available in Canada and perhaps Europe this year. After really long waiting times, many customers in the USA have now reported on their experiences with building and using a solar roof. According to Tesla in its latest quarterly report, there has been good progress with solar roof installations and the team for this has been enlarged.

Nevertheless, @ Paul91701736 seems to have committed, among other things, to an attempt to prove the non-existence of the Solar Roof. In his profile he links to the page, which is supposed to offer “crowdsourcing research about Tesla”, and at the beginning of this week he showed on Twitter how much effort he puts into it: While Tesla fans usually drive past the factory Suffice it to Fremont, the enemy published sharp aerial photographs of it.


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“As promised: Close-ups of the completely solar-free solar test buildings,” wrote @ Paul91701736 and even posted a Google link with the exact location in Fremont. Tesla had two low houses built in a corner of the factory site, presumably to test the installation and operation of the solar roof. But because the tiles on one of the buildings (on the other one can only be seen from the roof film so far) are brown-bronze instead of dark as on previous Tesla roofs, the anti-fan felt confirmed: #ThereIsNoSolarRoof, he tweeted.

Tesla bricks shown in multiple colors

You have to come up with the idea that Tesla will cover a specially built test house with normal bricks to simulate testing its solar roof. As usual with these and other conspiracy theories, there is a much simpler and more logical explanation. In any case, the Electrek blog reported relaxed after the # tslaq recordings that a new version of the solar roof had been discovered on the premises of the Tesla factory.

At the launch in October 2016, Tesla not only showed the smooth black bricks that can currently be ordered in the USA, but also other styles and colors, including the Tuscany model in typical brick red. The shade is not exactly the same as the one now filmed in Fremont, and the bricks on the test building appear to be of a larger format. Nevertheless, Electrek considers them to be similar enough to see the Tuscany variant (or a further development of it) in them. So @ Paul91701736 seems to have proven the opposite of what he had planned with his aerial photos.


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