No supporters in the stadium? In South Korea, they solve that with sex dolls

In South Korea, a football club FC Seoul is causing quite a stir after sex dolls were found in the stands. The club wanted to bring “atmosphere” in this other way because spectators are no longer allowed by the corona virus.

The football competitions are gradually getting going again, although most matches will take place behind closed doors for the time being. This is also the case in the K-League, the South Korean football league. Because playing in an empty stadium is not very pleasant, the clubs looked for original alternatives. The empty spaces were filled with banners, photos and disguised vegetables.

“Didn’t know they were sex dolls”

As if that isn’t crazy enough, FC Seoul took it a step further. Without realizing it, the club from the capital placed sex dolls in the stands. In their own words, they wanted to add “an element of pleasure”. A funny picture, although they don’t seem to agree with that in South Korea. The action can count on many negative reactions in its own country.

Meanwhile, the club has apologized extensively. In a statement, FC Seoul expressed “sincere repentance” for the incident. It does not put your hand in your own bosom. According to FC Seoul, this is a big misunderstanding. Although the club would have been assured that no sexual objects would be used, some sex dolls ended up in the stadium due to a miscommunication with the supplier.

Situation in South Korea

Football was also seriously delayed in South Korea, although it has been played at the highest level since 8 May. As in other major leagues, such as the German Bundesliga, the matches are played behind closed doors. In addition, the K-League imposed a lot of other measures. Players may no longer celebrate their goals extensively and handshakes, spitting and talking extensively with other players are no longer allowed.

Unlike many European countries, the state of health in South Korea is greatly improving. On Monday, the country detected 15 new Covid-19 infection. On the same day, only one person died from the virus. In total, South Korea has 11,065 cases and 263 fatalities. This makes it a lot better than Belgium, more than 54,000 infections and 8,924 fatalities.


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