NOC * NSF disappointed with outdoor sports canteens remaining closed

Sports umbrella NOC * NSF is disappointed that the sports canteens of outdoor sports facilities may not yet open. The organization, on the other hand, welcomes the fact that the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) will consider opening up indoor sports facilities earlier.

“It is very unfortunate that the sports canteens cannot simply walk with the catering opening,” says Gerard Dielessen, general director of NOC * NSF. “In sports we are used to always strictly following the rules that apply to the catering industry. We would have done that now. This is particularly harsh because these outdoor sports accommodations are already open again and incur full costs without, for example, the canteen. income against opposite. ”

Dielessen: “That the OMT is considering whether the sports canteens may open again on 1 July gives perspective, but the logic why the sport should wait a month is missing.”

NOC * NSF sees the announcement that advice has been requested from the OTM on opening the indoor sports facilities earlier than on 1 September, as an important step. “We especially like to see the youth of the Netherlands quickly enjoy sports again in the countless indoor sports facilities in the Netherlands. That keeps them going, makes them resilient and contributes a lot to their health and social well-being.”


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