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non-alcoholic, cans and ‘hop is hip’

Beer is still the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world. Also this spring we will drink our beer, although that is not possible in cozy large groups. What are the trends this spring? has thousands of enthusiasts in its community. The online trainer consulted them to come up with six trends with beer this spring. It will surely make you thirsty …

Trend 1: Alcohol-free

Beers without alcohol and also with less alcohol are becoming increasingly popular. “Non-alcoholic beer has grown the fastest of all types in recent years. And that trend continues unabated. The choice is increasing and the taste of non-alcoholic beer is often so good that it can hardly be distinguished from alcoholic beer ”, says Alain Schepers of Bierista.

Trend 2: More moments

In line with the increase in the consumption of non-alcoholic lager, you also see the number of beer moments rising. “In contrast to a few years ago, nobody is surprised if an alcohol-free beer is drunk during lunch. It is remarkable that the people who drink beer or an alcohol-free variant early in the day for the most part come from the south of the country, ”says beer expert Schepers. “You can also easily drink a light or non-alcoholic beer at the end of the afternoon with a tasty snack. That way you can still get to work in the evening. ”

Trend 3: Canned beer

The third trend this spring is tin. “Canned beer is finally becoming established. An increasing group of enthusiasts are now aware of the advantages of canned beer and no longer see canned beer as ‘cheap bum beer’. For the largest group, it no longer matters whether beer is canned or in glass. A fresh beer on tap is still a favorite with the largest group. After months of lockdown, every enthusiast seems to yearn for that first sip of that freshly tapped glass on a sun-drenched terrace. ”

beer trends
A photo to make you thirsty. Photo: Bierista

Trend 4: Hop still hip

Hop remains hip. A cool, freshly tapped beer remains popular, but beer lovers really enjoy beer with an extra dose of hops. Especially the hoppy beers with little or no alcohol.

Trend 5: Beer pairings

Combining food and beer – the so-called beer pairings – is also taking off this spring. With such a nice cool glass and food you can make at least as exciting combinations as with wine. The golden yellow wet is rapidly gaining ground this spring. There is a lot of experimentation at home with homemade snacks, snacks and dishes. The free Bier Butler app, with which you can make pairings in an instant, already has more than 25,000 users. Beer lovers love to combine beer and dishes.

Trend 6: One euro more

Another striking trend is that the respondents are quite willing to pay a little more for a good glass of lager. This trend has already been visible in liquor stores in recent months, where beer lovers are willing to pay a little extra for a special beer, under the motto ‘you have to do something to spoil yourself during this period’. This spring, almost three quarters of the respondents are willing to pay a little more. After a difficult period, the catering industry will be awarded it and the trend of ‘pampering yourself’ also seems to continue once the catering industry is reopened.

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Trends with beer this spring: alcohol-free, cans and ‘hop is hip’


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