Non-essential stores reopen from today but under these strict measures

From today, the non-essential stores in our country may open their doors again. There are strict measures in place to ensure that this reopening proceeds safely.

The measures surrounding the holidays were presented at the last Consultation Committee last Friday. In addition, the consultation committee also decided that the non-essential stores in our country can open their doors again. They have to do that under a number of strict conditions.


There are strict conditions attached to the reopening of the non-essential stores. They must ensure that people do not engage in funshopping.

  • Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in all shops.
  • You have to go shopping alone. Minors or people requiring assistance may be accompanied by one adult.
  • You may spend a maximum of 30 minutes in one store.
  • Shops must ensure that there are not too many people in the shops at the same time. This concerns 1 customer per 10 square meters. Shops with an area smaller than 20 square meters may allow a maximum of 2 customers in at the same time. Large stores must therefore ensure access control.
  • Shops are obliged to provide hand hygiene products and ventilate their premises well.

In addition, municipalities and cities may add extra measures themselves. For example, in several large shopping streets in our country there is also a maximum on the number of people allowed on the street.

Museums and swimming pools

Museums and swimming pools can also reopen their doors from today. There are also strict measures in force. In museums you have to wear a mouth mask everywhere and the number of visitors will also be monitored. It is recommended to check the measures in the museum before your visit. Some museums work with a reservation system where you have to choose your time slot in advance.

There are also strict measures in place for swimming pools. For example, you can swim with a bubble of a maximum of four people and only 1 person is allowed per 10 square meters. In the swimming pools there is also a registration obligation for lessons and training. In addition, you must leave your name and telephone number or email address so that you can be contacted by the contact tracers if necessary.

Not all museums and swimming pools in our country are open again, so check before your visit whether your destination is open.


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