Norbert Hofer: Black-Green led Austria into “dictocracy”

Regarding the mass tests, Hofer said that all past statements that the tests were voluntary would not be true. “Anyone who refuses to take part in the mass tests in the New Year will be excluded from social life for a week.” Briefly, people’s trust in his Corona measures has been lost in recent months. “Now the indirect compulsory test is being introduced.” Hofer now fears a similar procedure with the corona vaccination: “I trust the Chancellor that the ‘freest’ is only a preliminary stage to the ‘free vaccination’,” he said. “Should it come to that, there will be demonstrations in our country like Austria has never seen before.”

The government is trying to “compensate for its own mistakes with coercive measures”. The summer was overslept, despite warnings since May of a second wave of infections “nothing” had happened. Hofer Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) also criticized the fact that he had presented tips three days before the third lockdown was announced on how a third lockdown could be prevented could be. “Either Anschober is no longer included in the ÖVP’s plans and is only presented with a fait accompli, or he knew about it and led the public around the edge. Both variants are by no means trust-building.”


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