Normal steering wheel, no levers: Refreshed Tesla Model S discovered for tests in the USA

The steering rectangle referred to by Tesla as a yoke (yoke or bracket) in the modernized versions of Model S and Model X continues to cause discussion – and confusion. It is now clear to them that there should at least be no problems with the approval of the unconventional tax in Europe, but this question remains open for the home market of the USA. And in the northern US state of Ohio, an already refreshed Model S has now appeared that, as in the officially published photos in the cockpit, no longer has any levers for speed steps or indicators. But instead of the Tesla yoke, it is equipped with a classic round steering wheel.

Freshly delivered Tesla test vehicle?

The white Model S with the newly black door handles was discovered and photographed by a member of a local Tesla club in the parking lot of a service center in the city of Toledo, as can be read on Reddit. From the outside it is mainly noticeable that there is a towing eye in the front of the bumper, which could still come from the transport. Because while other Teslas in the area are covered with snow, the Model S is completely free of it and otherwise looks very clean.

However, the photo of the interior shows that it should have driven a bit, because fingerprints can be seen on both the touchscreen and the steering wheel. Also noticeable are the small glued labels on the center console and, above all, to the right of it an inverted cup, which probably hides an emergency stop button. So the Tesla Model S is obviously still a test vehicle.

The member of the Tesla Club reported that the local staff told him that the steering wheel would only be optionally square instead of round. That would fit in with another discovery: shortly after the refresh was presented at the end of January, curious people discovered that the source code of the Tesla website also contained a picture of a Model S with a normal steering wheel (see photo above). It differs from the usual one in the lack of Tesla logo – and in the middle of the steering wheel in the recently discovered Model S, there is only an embossed lettering instead.

Model S with touch sensors for turn signals

Tesla, on the other hand, does not seem to be planning any option for another operating innovation for its two premium electric cars. In addition to the steering rectangle, it was noticeable on the official refresh photos that there are no longer any levers to the left and right of it, as were previously available in Model S and Model X for flashing, activating the headlights, engaging the gear steps and controlling the windshield wipers . These levers cannot be seen on the current interior photo from Ohio either. They could be covered by the steering wheel. On the other hand, however, the fact that fingerprints can be seen on the left side – exactly in the places where touch sensors for turn signals and headlights are recently located.

The photo also confirms that the different speed levels on the refreshed Model S and Model X are selected via additional touch elements in the lower area of ​​the center console. On the test vehicle in Ohio, they are even labeled with stickers for “Park”, “Reverse”, “Neutral” and “Drive”. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the software is supposed to decide which setting to bring, depending on the situation; But that could be overridden by humans, he said on Twitter.


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