“Normality” at schools with shift work, holidays and “foolproof” corona tests

The schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday, January 25th, in shifts – but only if the lockdown is not generally extended. The government intends to make this decision in the next few days. In any case, several countries around Austria are extending their lockdown, such as Switzerland.

If January 25th is the start date, there are only a few days until the semester break. Does that make sense?

“Yes,” said Martin Netzer, General Secretary in the Ministry of Education, on Wednesday evening in the ZiB2: “I think it is very important that the students meet again before the end of the semester after this long lockdown” – that is a “stage win”, said Netzer. Together they should be able to “catch their breath” for further school operations.

Skipping the semester break is not a consideration, stresses Netzer. As much “normality” has to be preserved as possible. The 1.1 million students and their parents have already prepared for the holidays.

There will be no certificate in regular form because the special circumstances during the semester have to be taken into account – but some form of feedback is important.

The school in shifts

The school will initially take place in shifts – and Netzer describes it like this: A group comes on Monday, discusses exercise sheets with the teacher and takes them home. The second group does the same on Tuesday. On Wednesday the first group comes back to school and goes through the exercise sheets with the teacher, on Thursday the second group is back.


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