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‘NOS does not bring enough news from Africa’

As a little Akwasi, he used to miss role models on TV and the NOS brings too little news from Africa. That is one of the reasons why Akwasi wants its own broadcaster and its own newsreel.

Omroep Zwart van Akwasi will, if the broadcaster is admitted to the public system, make its own news program. The rapper and co-founder told this in Jinek, who describes it as “his new mission”.

On social media, there was such a strong reaction to Jinek’s post in advance that the program deleted the tweet. Then post it again, after which the responses piled up again.

“NOS not US”

At Jinek, Akwasi tells that the NOS News does not provide a complete picture of the news in the world, according to him. “I want an addition to the journal, the working title is Journal on Black. In it we show worlds within the Netherlands that you normally do not see. ”

The rapper cites as an example that the NOS brings too little news from Africa. “Did you know that the NOS has two correspondents for 45 countries in Africa. That’s crazy and we want to change that, because our editorial team consists of the world. ” He says he has been scouting people for some time to shape this new program.

Akwasi missed role models

The co-founder of Omroep Zwart thinks that “after thirty years of talking” the NPO has achieved little in the field of diversity. According to Akwasi, it is not only about programs that are not very diverse, but also the editorial staff and the boards of the Public Broadcasting are not an ‘adequate reflection’ of society. “I appreciate the efforts of the NPO, but there is no intercultural representation in key positions. That can be improved and that is why we are now trying to do this with Omroep Zwart. ”

It is not only about people with a different cultural background, but also about people with a different gender orientation or a different religion. “You should also see those people on television.” Akwasi says he has set up his broadcaster partly because he missed role models on television as a boy.

According to Akwasi, already has intensive discussions with the boards of BNNVARA, VPRO and Human for possible cooperation within the system. His Omroep Zwart must have 50,000 members before January 1 to be eligible for possible broadcasting time. The broadcaster has recruited 20,000 members within a month.

Not a fan

Not everyone is a big fan of Akwasi on social media and people wonder why he keeps getting a stage. Yesterday even a new “retweet” was born: “Retweet if you also think that Akwasi should not get a podium”. It was forwarded, although there were also those who thought that Akwasi received too much attention in this way.

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