NOS keeps on hand with millions of euros for Eredivisie | Football

As the agency’s authorized representative of the summaries, the NOS has not transferred the last tranche of allegedly about 7.5 million euros for the 2019/2020 season. The seller of the foreign rights of the Eredivisie (IMG) also keeps a close hand, because Eredivisie matches have not been played since March 8 and the season has now ended.


No content means no money, is the mores in the television world. The cable operators who pass on FOX Sports do not consider crossing the agreed amounts.

According to a spokesman for the NOS, the setup makes sense. “Certainly for an organization that invests with public money. That requires carefulness. This applies to all rights packages for competitions that are canceled. ”

Suitable solution

The parties are still discussing the situation that has arisen. “The NOS feels the responsibility to look for a suitable solution together.”


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