NOS Sport wants to talk to gymnastics commentator Van Zetten

The editor-in-chief of NOS Sport talks with gymnastics commentator Hans van Zetten in response to an article in sports magazine Helden. It states that a few years ago, Van Zetten opposed actions to put an end to misconduct by gymnastics trainers.

Van Zetten and a spokesperson for the NOS confirm after a message by de Volkskrant that the meeting is scheduled. It is not clear what consequences the conversation will have for Van Zetten. “We keep internal issues internal and don’t just share it with other media,” said the spokesman. “We will first talk to Hans van Zetten himself.”

According to the Volkskrant, there was unrest on the sports editorial staff as a result of the article in Helden. According to the newspaper, the editor-in-chief of NOS Sport would have said in an internal email that Van Zetten acted as a private person and that he also ‘does not determine’ the journalistic course. Some editors then feared that the issue would be dismissed too easily, according to de Volkskrant. According to the newspaper, it has been made clear internally that this is not the case.


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