Not there yet, but already more expensive: Tesla increases the price of the Model S Plaid + to 150,000 euros

In February 2021, only one new Model S was registered in Germany, and soon it will not be temporarily any longer, because Tesla has not been producing this electric car together with the Model X in its previous form since December 2020. As a successor, refreshed versions were presented at the end of January. The previous performance variants are now called Plaid and have three engines. For the Model S, Tesla even showed a Plaid + that comes very close to the Roadster. In the US, too, it shouldn’t be available until the end of this year – and Tesla has already increased the price significantly.

Tesla increases price only for top model

Observers noticed this on Thursday night. Instead of $ 139,000, Tesla now wants $ 149,000 for the Model S Plaid + in the US, $ 10,000 more than immediately after the launch. On the German website, the price for the new Tesla top model also increased, from 139,000 euros to 149,000 euros.

In contrast, the prices of the other versions of the Model S and the new Model X did not change. However, there is always movement in the specified delivery dates. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had announced the handover of the first new Model S for February, but so far none has been confirmed. There are still many small details to be resolved, Musk wrote on Twitter over the weekend for a report that the first deliveries should be imminent. But the finished product will be “fantastic”.


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In the US configurator, the expected date (except for Plaid +) is currently 4-11 weeks. In Germany, Model S and Model X were initially announced from this September, now it says November 2021 on the web. For Model S Plaid + was specified in both countries from the beginning of this year, and it was still like that on Thursday. The new super electric car with a range estimate of at least 520 miles according to the US EPA standard should require the new 4680 batteries, the production of which Tesla is currently developing.

Smallest Model 3 in USA $ 500 more expensive

Meanwhile, there has been an upward price change for the smallest Tesla in the USA, as the blog Elektrek reports: The Model 3 Standard Range plus (SR +) now costs $ 37,490 there, $ 500 more than before. Tesla lowered the price of the next higher Model 3 Long Range by the same amount to $ 46,490. In Germany, on the other hand, the Model 3 SR + stayed at the 39,990 euros (manufacturer’s share of the environmental bonus already deducted), to which Tesla had lowered the price in January. Nothing has recently been changed in the Long Range and Performance variants either.


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