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Josje has experienced bad things in her life. As a result, she now has a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Something that really hinders her in her daily life is receiving anonymous phone calls. These worsen her psychological complaints. Fortunately, she gets professional help so that she can learn how to deal with this. Josje is happy that she is now able to ask for help if her complaints get worse.

She also asks for help from the UWV with which she is in regular contact. They also call an anonymous number. She explains her problem to the UWV’s customer service. They agree that from now on the UWV will first send a text message before calling Josje. But despite the efforts of customer service, this does not always go well. The employees involved do not send a text message or only after they have called Josje. As a result, Josje gets more problems with her complaints. In response to the complaint she submits, she receives an apology from the UWV. And improvement is promised. Shortly afterwards, they call anonymously again, to send another text message after that conversation.


Josje enlists the help of the National Ombudsman. She hopes to improve her experience with the UWV in this way. She does not feel that she is being heard now. Employee Sander takes up the complaint and gets to work immediately. He asks the UWV for a clear agreement that is also recorded. The agreements with Josje are now confirmed by letter and the UWV promises that they will call her as little as possible. If there is no other option, they will send a text message 24 hours in advance. Then Josje can prepare for the telephone conversation.


We think it is very important that the government listens carefully to citizens. And that the government is constantly looking for solutions in its work that fit the specific situation of that individual citizen. Josje’s story has enabled us to point out this importance to the UWV. In good spirits Josje continues to work on her recovery.

* Fictitious name

Do things also go wrong between you and the UWV? Or are you unable to reach an agreement with another government agency? Then call the National Ombudsman for free on 0800 – 33 55 555.


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