Notorious hackers arrested for breaking into Nintendo consoles

The American prosecutor reports this in a press release. One of the hackers was arrested in France, while the other is under arrest in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to software to crack the Switch, the pair also made similar programs for the Nintendo 3DS, NES Classic and other devices. Nintendo went to court in May this year to ban the sale of the cracking software.

According to the prosecution, the suspects were “leaders of a notorious international crime organization that spent years stealing video game technology.” The game consoles hacked with their software can play illegally downloaded games.


One of those arrested has a remarkable surname: Bowser. That’s also called Mario’s great opponent. In addition, the president of Nintendo America is called Doug Bowser.

If the prosecutor gets his way, the men can be sentenced to imprisonment of up to 20 years. That would be good news for Nintendo, which is going to court more often in an effort to combat piracy of their games.

Extradition to the United States

The question is whether both can appear in court. Bowser has since been deported from the Dominican Republic, but Louarn is still in France.

The prosecution hopes that the French hacker will be extradited to the US, but a judge in that country has yet to rule on this.


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