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1 Check doors and lockers before driving

Even experienced motor home owners still experience it regularly. You drive away and after the first corner there is a huge noise. You are shocked and you immediately know: shit, cupboards not checked! In the best case scenario, they have just exploded and it is recovering from the fright. But in the worst case, the entire contents of your cupboards will also be all over the floor and you have to stop first to tidy up.

2 Do some shopping before you arrive at a new destination

This way you can go ahead for a few days, which is handy since you do not want to move the camper again quickly once you have set up everything. Another useful tip is to choose a campsite or motorhome pitch on the outskirts of the town or village near a supermarket so that you can walk or cycle there.

Stick a note with the dimensions of the motorhome on your dashboard

Depending on the type of camper you have with you, you may not be able to get everywhere. Signs along the route indicate the maximum dimensions to be able to pass (under) somewhere, pay attention to that! A note with the dimensions at your fingertips helps you to quickly check whether your camper fits somewhere underneath or in between.

4 Rattling crockery along the way can be remedied by stuffing tea or towels between them

Nothing more annoying than a rattle on the way. And since you have a whole set up in your house on wheels, that may well happen. Tea or towels in between offer a simple solution. Clothing also works.

5 On a budget? Go to a motorhome pitch

Here you have all the amenities you need as a motor home for an average of € 10-15 per night. Think of toilets and hot showers, but also a place to refill water, empty your chemical toilet and dispose of dirty water. Don’t expect extra facilities; purely a nice place for a competitive price. Recommended are the camper pitches at the farmer, where you can already go well in the spring. You can find them on


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