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Now also broadcaster PAC, for the Asian Dutch: ‘Ushi is outdated’

On the same day that Omroep ZWART announced that they have reached the 50,000 members allowing them to join the public broadcasting system, another broadcaster has also stood up. Omroep PAC, for the Asian Dutch, wants to enrich the media landscape with an Asian-Dutch perspective.

“PAC is yoga, PAC is tea, PAC is superfood, PAC is K-pop, PAC is your robot vacuum cleaner, your video game, PAC is eating together, PAC is the entrepreneur with guts. Often you do not think about who or what around you has a link with Asia. And vice versa. ”

This is how the text on the Omroep PAC website begins. PAC, which stands for Pan-Asian Connections, wants to create more mutual understanding and bring people closer together. “We share inspiring stories that clarify the connection between the Netherlands and Asia. This to increase the visibility of Asian Dutch people. After all, this time of increasing polarization and hardening requires a society with more harmony and togetherness ”, says an announcement.

Although some people think that these new broadcasters are promoting polarization.


“We bring you local, authentic stories and open a window to the Far East. On TV and in the media we miss the faces and stories that we recognize ourselves in. Stereotype characters like Ushi, Mr. Cheung in I love Holland are outdated, as well as the song Hanky ​​Panky Shanghai that is still sung in schools, ”said Omroep PAC.

More broadcasters

In recent months, various other new broadcasters have already sprung up like mushrooms. Omroep Zwart, Ongehoord Nederland, Omroep Groen, Omroep X and Stamppot, among others, hope to get through to the system.

Various broadcasters have also been set up for people with a certain background, such as IslamOmroep for Muslims and Bersama for the Dutch East Indies community.

To obtain a broadcasting license, each broadcaster needs 50,000 members before December 31.

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Now also broadcaster PAC, for the Asian Dutch: “Ushi is outdated”


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