Now available: The e-bike special from BIKE BILD

The BIKE BILD E-Bike Spezial is the perfect purchase advice for electric bicycles on 132 pages! trekking or city bike; which type of e-bike is right for me? What do I have to do? engine and battery pay attention? And is expensive automatically good? How does e-bike leasing work?

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Here you can find out everything about e-bikes and much more: we have subjected 70 models to an editorial check and clarify all important topics relating to service, safety and accessories in the large advice section. A must for e-bike fans – order now at the kiosk or with free shipping.

These are the topics in the E-Bike Special 2022

• The e-bike world in figures: all relevant data at a glance
• This is how you find your dream e-bike: with our purchase advice on the perfect model
• Kraft-Zentrum: Which drives are there to choose from?
• Better on the go: equipment for e-bikers
• 10 e-trekking bikes in the test: the best-selling pedelecs
• 10 e-step-throughs in the test: easy entry and fully suitable for everyday use
• 10 all-terrain e-bikes on test: the SUV among pedelecs – a little more of everything
• 10 e-city bikes in the test: beautiful minimalists for the city
• 10 e-mountain bikes in the test: sports equipment for mountainous and difficult terrain
• 10 electric folding and compact bikes tested: the solution for commuters and vacationers
• 10 e-cargo bikes in the test: family carriage and transporter in one
• E-bike leasing: Your new company vehicle
• With tasty treats! Our columnist had a hard time at first – today he is an e-bike fan

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