Now available: Xbox Series X at Media Markt and Saturn

The Xbox Series X is now actually available in the online shops of Media Markt and Saturn. Get it fast.

Getting hold of the current consoles is still a game of patience. After the Xbox Series X was available at for a short time last week (we reported), it is now Media Markt and Saturn’s turn. The Xbox Series X is listed as “available online” in the online shops of the two retailers. At the price of 499 euros each.

Xbox Series X at Saturn for 499 euros

Xbox Series X at Media Markt for 499 euros

At Saturn, the Xbox Series X is also available in a bundle with the game Far Cry 6 from Ubisoft: you have to pay an additional 40 euros for this, not a bad deal if you really want the game, because buying it individually costs around 70 euros.

Xbox Series X + Far Cry 6 at Saturn for 539 euros

Both Media Markt and Saturn can only be ordered online. However, collection in the markets is not possible.

The Saturn top recommendation is skewed

Curious side note:

Saturn recommends the combination “Xbox Series X 1 TB + Far Cry 6” plus “Far Cry 6” with a total value of 608.98 euros for the bundle and praises it as a “top recommendation”. Well – even Saturn algorithms are not always clever…

The Xbox Series X offers at Media Markt and Saturn are particularly interesting for gamers who want the Xbox Series X but have not yet been able to get hold of them due to the small quantities on the market.

You can find out everything you need to know about the Xbox Series X in our detailed test:

Xbox Series X/S in the test: Fast-paced gaming performance at a fair price

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