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Now that ‘WandaVision’ is over, we know for sure: this was the most creative the MCU has ever produced

With WandaVision Disney launched their first television production produced by Marvel at the beginning of this year and launched on Disney +. The series turned out to be a bull’s eye, not only in terms of streaming figures, but also as a breath of fresh air in the MCU.

Very soon – on March 19 – the next miniseries will be released on Disney +: the long-awaited The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. After that series follows Loki, a third series, in June. It was smart of Disney to situate the series within the MCU, because because these series can only be viewed via Disney +, Disney requires fans of the universe to take out a subscription.

So we did that too and after WandaVision we can say: if this is the level then we are happy to pay for it. WandaVision is situated in the chronology after Infinity War and Endgame. It’s also the start of phase four and Marvel’s first sign of life in a year or two. In the series we step into a world in which we also see Wanda Maximoff and Vision, albeit in a very stylized world, a world that has taken the form of an old-fashioned sitcom.

The old-fashioned laugh track

The first two episodes are the most surprising and therefore also the most refreshing. In the first episode, the newly married couple Wanda and Vision move in together. The second is all about a bizarre magic act. The jokes are wonderfully old-fashioned, the comical timing impeccable and, in order not to make us doubt that we are in an artificial world, there is a laugh track, even so wonderfully old-fashioned. Those episodes were also filmed for an old-fashioned live studio audience.


But we also immediately feel the threat. We get to see small cracks in that world, phenomena that we cannot yet explain as a viewer, but through which we know that the constructed reality cannot last.


In episode four we step back into the contemporary world and see how SWORD looks at Wanda’s world. We don’t want to give more away, but we still want to say that WandaVision made us laugh and made us think about life and death, a rare combination. The handsome penultimate episode goes deeper into mourning. On trauma. And how we as humans can continue to deceive ourselves because reality hurts more than continuing to push or deny it. If we’re honest with ourselves, each of us would do the exact same thing, right? Doesn’t each of us have a piece of reality that we would like to erase? And wouldn’t each of us if we had the options?

Not a second season


Director Matt Shakman, who has directed all nine episodes, has already announced that there are currently no plans for a second season of WandaVision. It seems to us to be the only right path, because although this series is also open-ended, re-using the same formula again would completely nullify the renewing and refreshing feeling we now have with the series. So we hope there will never be a second season, though WandaVision for now is our favorite new series of 2021.

Finally, we were also happy with the pace of one episode per week. WandaVision counts 9 episodes of 40 minutes. A bit of a binger looks forward to that in one day, if that option is offered. The weekly pace gave us the feeling that we could look forward to something and experience and discover it together with others. Tribute!

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