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Automobile conversion bonus 2020

Marked by the increase in the electric bonus, the car recovery plan also includes a conversion bonus of up to € 5,000. Regarding the “3/4 of the French”, it will be limited “to the next 200,000 purchases”.

What announcements and support for the automobile on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Emmanuel Macron has just presented the post-containment recovery plan, centered on an electric bonus raised to € 7,000. However, not everyone can afford such a purchase. Thus, the conversion premium is also modified, and above all widened to allow manufacturers to sell an estimated stock of some 400,000 vehicles.

An extended, but temporary premium

Following the scrapping bonus inducted in 2010, the conversion bonus was introduced for the most modest households. In 2020, this is a maximum of € 5,000, varying according to different criteria. It allows you to dispose of your old petrol or diesel car, giving a bonus for the purchase of a cleaner car. It can be new, with a cumulative rechargeable electric or hybrid bonus, but also second-hand.

As of June 1, this aid changes. The President of the Republic therefore confirmed that it would always be € 5,000 maximum for the acquisition of an electric or hybrid rechargeable car and € 3,000 for a thermal or hybrid car. This always corresponds to a reference tax income limited or conditioned to home-work distances and annual mileage. On the other hand, the income ceiling would be € 18,000 net (compared to € 13,489 today). The new device should thus “Concern three quarters of the French” according to Emmanuel Macron. We invite you to consult our file on the conversion premium for all current terms, conditions and amounts.

Exceptional aid valid for an imitated volume. “This bonus will be available for the next 200,000 purchases from June 1” according to Emmanuel Macron “In order to reduce stocks”. The opening to great eligibility will thus last a few months, France disposing of more than 2 million vehicles per year. In financial terms, the State will therefore inject “1 billion euros to support demand”.

A surcharge in major cities

Today, the aid concerns hybrid or thermal cars emitting less than 144 g / km of CO2 (WLTP standard, or 116 g / km in NEDC). Will this rate change with these measures? Not according to the details of the government in its press kit. The latter clarified the President’s remarks on “The overpayment in low emission zones”. In the amount of € 2,000, it will be accumulated in the EPZs for all buyers working or living there. It concerns only rechargeable electric or hybrid vehicles. Note that 19 zones exist today, including Grand Paris, Marseille, Lille.

Finally, will this increase in the conversion premium push you to acquire electrified power? Electric, hybrid, city or SUV, browse our car comparator!


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