‘Number of Airbnb accommodations in Amsterdam dropped by three quarters’

This is evident from figures from the municipality of Amsterdam that the Volkskrant is writing about today. It is not only about accommodations that are offered on Airbnb, but also on comparable sites such as, Expedia, Tripadvisor and VRBO.


Amsterdam introduced a registration obligation for private holiday homes at the beginning of this month. Only private individuals who have registered with the municipality are allowed to list their property on rental sites. Anyone who has not registered risks a fine from next year.

An Airbnb spokesperson confirms to de Volkskrant that the advertisements of all private individuals who have not registered have been automatically deactivated in Amsterdam. Many of the accommodations were unoccupied in the past year anyway.

Ban on holiday rentals

The municipality of Amsterdam has already made several attempts to put an end to the rise of Airbnb in the city. For example, since last summer it is no longer possible to rent out homes to tourists in parts of the Amsterdam city center.

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