Number of bankruptcies falls to new record low

This is evident from figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Last month, 11 fewer companies went bankrupt than in July, and in that month the number of bankruptcies was already at 109 at the lowest level since December 1990.

It concerns the number of bankruptcies adjusted for court days. The court must declare bankruptcy. If there are more or fewer days when judges decide on this, it can affect the grade.

The number of bankruptcies excludes sole proprietorships.


Nevertheless, it is clear that the trend has been declining for some time. In April last year, when the corona virus had just started in the Netherlands, there were still 338 bankruptcies, but that number declined quickly on balance.

Earlier, CBS said that the low number of bankruptcies cannot be seen separately from government support for Dutch companies in connection with corona.

Most bankruptcies in trade

Trading was the industry with the most bankruptcies in August. That is also one of the sectors with the most companies. Relatively speaking, most construction companies went bankrupt.

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