‘Numbers are important, but people are central’

Optimix is ​​an asset manager and one of the partners of the new investment program Bulls & Bears. At Optimix, numbers are important, but people are central. That was the case when the company was founded in 1983, and it still is today. The company now consists of a team of 40 experts spread over three offices with over 2.5 billion under management.

The optimal mix for every situation

As the name implies, Optimix knows how to put together an optimal mix of investments for every situation in order to realize the wish of every relationship. “Our investment choices are outspoken and respond to current events. Think of economic developments, but also of long-term issues in the field of sustainability. It is not without reason that our employees have traditionally invested in the same investment solutions themselves.” Thanks to constant monitoring of the client’s investment goals, Optimix also ensures that clients can enjoy a financially carefree life.

Diemer de Vries

Diemer de Vries is a senior portfolio manager at Optimix and will regularly join the Bulls & Bears studio. At Optimix, De Vries is involved in the design and management of the investment portfolios. Before joining Optimix, De Vries worked in the bond industry, selling fixed income products and trading for institutional investors. In an even more distant past, Diemer studied Economics at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Bulls & Bears

Bulls & Bears is a new investor program on RTL Z and RTL 7. In the weekly talk show, different experts in the field of the stock market, investing and crypto currency join each episode. Bulls & Bears can be seen every Saturday at 2 p.m. on RTL Z and every Sunday at 10 a.m. on RTL 7

A rich life is about more than money. Wealth management at Optimix is ​​harmony between your personal goals and your financial possibilities. Go to the website to see what Optimix can do for you.

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