Nürburgring after record report from Tesla tuner: “Prohibited, will be severely punished”

Not a word about the times: This mostly unspoken rule applies to almost everything that is published in the form of videos about fast journeys on the famous Nordschleife of the German Eifel race track Nürburgring. Because anyone who wants to set records there and even report on them has to register, observe a security concept and consult a notary, the operator, Nürburgring 1927 GmbH, stipulates. Most users of the route stick to it – but the Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance (UP) has now apparently massively violated the rules and incurred the displeasure of the operator.

Tesla tuner leaves distance open

“Already a new lap record with Model 3,” reported UP’s Twitter account on Sunday. The specialized Tesla tuner from the USA recently opened a branch on the German Ring, where it sells its parts and their installation. A customer named Max covered the lap with his Model 3 Performance with UP conversions in 7 minutes, 44 seconds and 3 tenths, and that “in traffic”, so despite other vehicles on the route, wrote UP.

However, it remained open which route Max had driven in the racing Tesla. Official Nürburgring records cover the entire Nordschleife with a length of 20.8 kilometers, private drivers usually only measure the almost 2 kilometers shorter “bridge to gantry” part of it. A reader of already pointed this out to the original article about the reported Tesla record; a Twitter request from UP about this initially went unanswered.

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However, the spokesman for the Nürburgring operator spoke very clearly about the record report from the Tesla tuner: Such a trip “massively violates our terms and conditions” and is “therefore illegal,” he wrote to In general, and particularly in the context of so-called tourist trips (where several private drivers use the route at the same time), unannounced record attempts are “strictly prohibited”. Such cases and the current one would be severely punished.

Official records only with a notary

When asked, the spokesman did not want to say what was in store for UP and the model 3 driver, because it affected third parties. He emphasized that the strict rules for ring records apply on the one hand for safety reasons – racing trips by other cars on the track would ultimately endanger human lives. On the other hand, the operator wants to ensure that records on the Nordschleife really deserve this designation, and therefore stipulate the exact route, calibrated measurement technology, the notary and an acceptance of the vehicle and driver.

Tesla itself has so far adhered to the ring rules, as became apparent last fall. At that time, his Model S Plaid was also known for a time that was well below the record recently reported by Porsche for the Taycan. But it was not measured and published by Tesla or the driver, but by a car magazine whose ring contacts with the stopwatch were on the edge of the track.


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