Nvidia hints at Nintendo Switch Pro

A new chip from Nvidia gives Nintendo fans hope for a more powerful version of the handheld console Switch.

Nintendo fans have been asking for a more powerful version of the handheld console Switch for years. The outdated technology of the platform causes collapsing frame rates in demanding games and the resolution of the display can only be used reliably in rather simple games. A drilled-out successor model was actually expected as early as 2021, but instead Nintendo only released a new edition with an OLED model and otherwise the same technology.

New Nvidia chip with eight cores

Now, a post on Reddit suggests that Nintendo may still be planning to release a Pro model of the Switch. The article is about the existence of a new Nvidia chip that could possibly also be used in the Switch Pro. Nvidia has already confirmed the said chip called T239. The developers of the Linux core are currently in the process of making the new chip compatible with their operating system. Nintendo’s Switch also uses Linux as a substructure for its own software, which allows users to operate the handheld.

More powerful GPU planned?

So it could actually be that Nintendo could work on a Switch Pro or even a successor model called Switch 2 in cooperation with Nvidia. However, it is still unclear what advantages the new chip will offer. Only eight ARM A78AE cores have been confirmed. The switch currently has to make do with just four ARM A57 CPU cores. The new Switch model could also improve significantly in terms of graphics. Reddit is talking about an Ampere GPU with 4 teraflops that would significantly outperform the Tegra X1 currently installed in the switch.

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