Nvidia Omniverse: Platform for game development collaboration

With “Omniverse”, Nvidia wants to offer game developers a cooperative platform for optimizing their games.

As part of Nvidia’s GDC keynote, company boss Jensen Huang presented a new platform called “Omniverse”. With this, Nvidia wants to improve the cooperation between game developers. Omniverse offers various functions for this purpose, which should make it easier to optimize games. For example, sharing assets and using AI for animations and facial expressions can be easier than before. The real-time platform also includes the integration of AI and RTX-enabled tools. Custom tools are designed to further simplify and speed up workflows.

Easier collaboration

Specifically, the Omniverse platform includes the AI-driven application Audio2Face, with which facial animation can be generated from an audio file. Developers can use it to simply place a voice recording on the character’s face and receive a concrete animation. Add real-time 3D assets with Nucleus Cloud, which can be shared between internal and external development teams. The tool is currently available as part of an Early Access phase.

AI and improved search

Available to all Omniverse Enterprise subscribers, the AI-powered Omniverse Deepsearch service is designed to use natural language and image input to find desired content across the entire catalog of untagged 3D assets, objects and characters. Omniverse Connectors, on the other hand, is a plug-in designed to enable “live synchronization” of collaborative workflows between third-party design tools and Omniverse.

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