Nvidia patches 10 Windows driver vulnerabilities

With a security update, Nvidia is responding to ten security holes in the graphics card driver for Windows.

Manufacturer Nvidia regularly offers new drivers for its graphics cards that cover the entire range of current GPUs. From time to time, however, security gaps creep into it. Ten security vulnerabilities have recently been discovered in the Windows driver. Four of them were classified as “severe”, six other vulnerabilities are classified as “moderate”.

Update promise kept

According to the manufacturer, the various security gaps in the Nvidia driver can be used for denial of service attacks, leak private information, circumvent system rights protection or run dangerous code. The update is available for download for all Tesla, RTX/Quadro and Geforce graphics cards. Even the GTX 600 and GTX 700 GPUs that were removed from support in October 2021 will receive an update with the new driver. Nvidia had already promised in advance that it would also provide security updates for old cards by September 2024. The company apparently keeps this promise.

Remote access through vulnerabilities

Problematic: Four of the vulnerabilities only require low system rights and no user interaction. This makes them very suitable for malware attacks or hacker attacks. Two of the vulnerabilities can also be exploited over the network, while the others require local access to the computer.

Install drivers quickly

All Nvidia graphics card owners should install the update as soon as possible. The updated driver is now available for download from Nvidia’s official website. The update can also be installed via the Geforce Experience Suite. Users who don’t need the included streaming features are better off uninstalling this software package to avoid taking any additional risk.

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