Nvidia RTX 4000 in October at the earliest: The reasons

The new graphics card generation from Nvidia could be further delayed and even delayed until 2023.

The graphics cards of the RTX 3000 series are slowly becoming affordable again, having repeatedly sold out or only been available significantly more expensively than the manufacturer planned since their release in late 2020. Nevertheless, many PC gamers plan to wait for the upcoming RTX 4000 generation. This waiting time could be a little longer than initially thought: The

Twitter user AGF
wants to know that Nvidia’s graphics card manufacturers have finally received the necessary information for the RTX 4000 GPUs. This allows the board partners to develop their own boards.

“Founders Edition” first

In addition, AGF indicates a publication of the new graphics cards shortly. So far, a publication in October was assumed. The start of sales should not take place much earlier, after all, the board partners need at least two months to finalize and produce their own boards. Accordingly, it can be assumed that only the “Founders Edition” models of the Geforce 4000 produced by Nvidia itself will be available in October. The cards of the board partners should then appear a little later.

4080 and 4070 only in 2023?

Nvidia will probably only officially present the Geforce RTX 4090 in October. It is conceivable that the cheaper models such as the Geforce RTX 4080 or the Geforce RTX 4070 will not be launched until the beginning of next year. With the previous generation, Nvidia had released the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 within a week, the RTX 3070 followed a month later. So if you want to wait until the RTX 4000 generation before buying a new GPU, you will probably have to wait until 2023, depending on your wallet.

Geforce RTX 4000 is said to achieve up to 100 TFLOPS

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