O2 deal: pre-order the iPhone SE 3 for effectively 241 euros

The iPhone SE 3 offers brand new Apple technology in a proven design. As a pre-order you save a whopping 278 euros at O2. Instead of 519 euros, you effectively only pay 241 euros for the model with 64 GB and the Free M tariff. On top of that, there is a EUR 100 exchange bonus and up to EUR 500 for your old device.

Would you like an iPhone at a low entry-level price? And you prefer compact cell phones? Then he comes

O2 pre-order deal

at the right time for you. The cell phone provider offers the latest Apple smartphone for a small budget. they pay

effectively only 241 euros for the iPhone SE 3

in a bundle with the Free-M tariff.

Go to the pre-order campaign for the iPhone SE 3 at O2

This is how you get to the 241 euros:

For the iPhone SE 3 with the Free M tariff and 20 GB of 5G data volume, you pay EUR 39.99 per month for a term of 24 months. The tariff alone costs 29.99 euros per month. The surcharge for the iPhone SE 3 is therefore 10 euros. 24 months times 10 euros is effectively 240 euros plus the symbolic 1 euro for the down payment for the device. At Apple you pay 519 euros, that is 278 euros more!


The iPhone SE 3 presale started on March 11 at 2 p.m. The device will then be available from March 18th. When pre-ordering, think of the goodies 100 euros change bonus and up to 500 euros for your current mobile phone.

That’s why you need the new iPhone SE 3

Apple finally unveiled the third-generation iPhone SE this week. The iPhone for normalos offers the latest chip technology in a classic form factor for the display and housing. Key purchase arguments in addition to the super price in the O2 campaign are Apple’s high-performance A15 processor and high-speed data transmission with 5G/LTE. In addition, Touch ID for fingerprint unlocking is often more practical than face recognition in the expensive iPhone models.

That speaks for the iPhone SE deal from O2

If you are okay with a few compromises in photo and video functions and the display compared to the iPhone 13, the iPhone SE 3 delivers exactly the right mix:

  • Light and handy iPhone

  • Current A15 processor, 4 GB RAM

  • Fast 5G data radio

  • Touch ID, also works with face mask

  • no notches

  • Simple operation with home button

  • Fast charge function from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes

  • cheap price at O2

  • Ideal for beginners, as a company mobile phone and for children

  • 100 euros change bonus at O2

  • up to 500 euros for your old device

Here we show you why the “old” design of the iPhone SE 2022 is still modern. And here you can find out what the “SE” stands for on the iPhone SE.

Pre-order the iPhone SE 3 now from O2

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