O2 Grow: Tariff with annually increasing data volume

With the new promotional tariff “O2 Grow” from the provider Telefónica, the data volume is growing every year.

With “O2 Grow”, Telefónica Deutschland has announced a new promotional tariff that is designed for customer loyalty. The tariff can be booked in the period from May 3rd to September 5th, 2022. For EUR 29.99 per month, customers receive an inclusive volume of 40 gigabytes and a flat rate for calls and SMS to all German networks. The data volume can also be used in the 5G network and can be distributed to up to ten SIM cards at no extra charge.

Data volume increases by ten gigabytes every year

The special feature of the “O2 Grow” tariff: In the second year of the contract, the monthly data volume is automatically increased by ten gigabytes. From the 13th month, customers have 50 gigabytes available per month, in the third year of the contract 60 gigabytes and in the fourth year 70 gigabytes. With every year that the contract remains in place, Telefónica increases the included volume by ten gigabytes. With a term of 20 years, the data volume could then theoretically be 240 gigabytes per month.

Discount for existing customers

The Generation 60 Plus, young people and existing customers receive a 10 euro discount on the basic fee when they sign up for “O2 Grow”. You only pay 19.99 euros per month instead of 29.99 euros. Small businesses and the self-employed can also use the offer tariff. “German mobile phone customers will continue to use more and more data volume via more end devices in the future. Our new innovative mobile phone tariff grows along with these needs without our customers having to do anything for it,” explains Wolfgang Metze, Board Member for Consumers at O2 Telefónica.

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