O2 Homespot: Internet for at home now 155 euros cheaper

With Homespot from O2, you can get WiFi from the socket and surf the fast 5G network. You currently save 155 euros.

At O2, you can currently get the O2 Homespot via LTE/5G for 10 euros cheaper for a year. You also save money with the connection price, which currently only costs 34.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros.

O2 Homespot is the ideal solution if you either don’t have a DSL, fiber optic or TV cable line available for an Internet connection, or if the performance you would get on site is too low. Homespot from O2 is also suitable for people who move often and are then directly dependent on fast internet. All without a DSL connection or technician appointment.

The system is extremely easy to use: Insert the SIM card into the WiFi router for O2 Homespot, connect the device to the power outlet – and you already have fast internet for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV, etc. with LTE/5G speed. You will also receive a telephone flat rate to the German landline network.

Internet with the O2 Homespot: you currently save 155 euros

You can currently save 10 euros in tariff costs for 12 months with O2 Homespot and 35 euros in connection costs.

So you save a total of 155 euros,

no matter which Homespot tariff you choose. We have listed the tariffs here for easy comparison:

Now save directly to the Homespot offers at O2 and 155

O2 my Home S

O2 my Home M

O2 my Home L

Data volume:







Latest 5G network






2 Mbps


40 Mbps

Telephone flat rate:




Tariff price:

14.99 euros

19.99 euros

24.99 euros

Tariff price (13th month):

24.99 euros

29.99 euros

34.99 euros

Connection price:

34.99 instead of 69.99 euros

34.99 instead of 69.99 euros

34.99 instead of 69.99 euros

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