O2 Homespot: LTE Internet without connection price – 189.99 euros saved!

The O2 Homespot is the 5G alternative to DSL and landline connections. You currently save 189.99 euros.

Goodbye connection price: With O2 you get the O2 Homespot without the usual provision costs – no matter which high-speed variant you choose. You save EUR 69.99 and can start surfing immediately. In addition, new customers save 10 euros for 12 months – makes a total price advantage of 189.99 euros!

O2 Homespot without connection price – from 14.99 euros per month

Fast Internet with the O2 Homespot

100, 50 or 10 Mbit/s: The O2 Homespot is the landline alternative for WLAN at home. The offer combines the advantages of fast internet with the flexibility of the O2 mobile network. Included is a telephone flat rate to the German landline network with a personal number. Simply connect to the socket and start surfing via WLAN. You no longer need a classic DSL or cable connection.

O2 Homespot is the fast LTE/5G alternative to an Internet connection via DSL or TV cable.


O2 Homespot is the fast LTE/5G alternative to an Internet connection via DSL or TV cable.


The whole family can surf, stream, make calls or chat with the Homespot. The data is transmitted wirelessly via the LTE or 5G network. Good for tenants and homeowners: there is no need for assembly, cable laying or a visit from a technician. Hardly booked, you are already online. The connection price is normally 69.99 euros, but is completely eliminated with this campaign.

LTE Internet for your home is now €189.99 cheaper

LTE Homespot in three tariff variants

O2 offers the Homespot with three tariffs:

O2 My Home L:

Download 100 / upload 40 MBit/s, for 24.99 euros and from the 13th month 34.99 euros

O2 My Home M:

Download 50 / upload 10 MBit/s, for 19.99 euros and from the 13th month 29.99 euros

O2 My Home S:

Download 10 / Upload 2 MBit/s, for 14.99 euros and from the 13th month 24.99 euros

You can use the online check on the tariff page to check availability at your place of residence.

Very good: The Homespot tariffs with 100 and 50 Mbit/s are real data flat rates with unlimited data volume. The smallest variant O2 My Home S contains 100 GB data volume. The contract period is 24 months.

The O2 Homespot connects to the Internet via the inserted O2 SIM card and establishes a WLAN for your devices such as a PC, notebook, smartphone, tablet or television. Use your own stationary LTE/5G router as a router, for example a current Fritzbox LTE model. As an alternative, O2 offers the appropriate Homespot router for rent.

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