O2 will provide two services on April 30th. a – you need to know that now

O2 will discontinue the O2 Money and O2 Banking services as of April 30, 2022. The users of the services need to know that now.

The two companies O2 and Comdirect are ending their partnership on April 30, 2022 after only two years. Together they have decided to now pursue the goals and strategies independently of each other, as the companies announce. Due to the separation, the two services O2 Money and O2 Banking will no longer be available after this date, i.e. from May 1, 2022.

This mainly affects

O2 Money.

Until April 30, 2022, customers can continue to use this app to keep their budget book or to keep an overview of their monthly budgets and contracts. In May, the app can then only be used to pay out the accumulated bonus. The last bonus for April is scheduled to be credited by May 10, 2022. “Use May to have an outstanding bonus (from a minimum amount of 1 euro) paid out,” it says. From June 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to use the O2 Money app and any bonus that has not yet been paid out will expire.


O2 banking

Things look a little different: Anyone who has opened a current account or depot via the service keeps them on the agreed terms because they ultimately received accounts with Comdirect as part of the O2-Comdirect cooperation. All bank cards (in the O2 design) and account numbers also remain valid. A new bank card in the Comdirect design is only available if the old card has expired, been lost or is defective. From May 1, 2022, however, the Comdirect app will be required to access the accounts. The access data remain the same. Payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay also continue to work. However, there will no longer be a bonus zing in the future because it was linked to the O2 Money service.

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