“Obamagate”: Trump accuses Obama of involvement in Russia file

US President Donald Trump claims that his predecessor Barack Obama deliberately thwarted his 2016 election campaign. According to Trump, Obama confused the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference to relieve him of his position. The accusation comes after Obama criticized Trump’s approach to the corona crisis.

US President Donald Trump continues to cause a stir. On his favorite social media platform Twitter, he aims for an “Obamagate”. According to Trump, Obama is directly involved in the investigation of his former adviser Mike Flynn, who is said to have been in contact with Russian government services. Although Flynn confessed to his involvement in the case, the FBI dropped the investigation due to insufficient evidence.

Now that his former accomplice has been acquitted, President Trump opens fire on Barack Obama. Trump calls the entire Russia file a major conspiracy and even speaks of the “greatest political crime ever”. To prove his point, the president applied his familiar style. He continued to tweet extensively about all kinds of conspiracy theories and accusations. The accompanying hashtag #Obamagate is now going viral. More than 2 million people have already spoken on Twitter about the virtual war between the American presidents.

Struggle for corona crisis

It should come as no surprise that Trump learns a lot. In a telephone conversation with his former employees, Obama is said to have criticized the current President of the United States. For example, he calls his corona strategy an “absolutely chaotic disaster”, which he says would have worsened the situation.

Trump also seems to deny that criticism. “We are getting great numbers for the treatment of the corona pandemic,” it said on Twitter. “Compare that to the way Obama / Sleepy Joe dealt with swine flu.” Trump thus refers to the approach of Obama and former vice-president Joe Biden to the Mexican swine flu in 2009. According to critics, the duo then waited too long to declare a state of emergency.


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