Offer: Cosori WiFi hot air fryer XXL for 119 euros

Clean, simple and convenient: Hot air fryers are the trendsetters in your own kitchen. The specialist Cosori has an extra-large model for the family that can even be controlled via an app.

Amazon has some air fryers on sale today. Several manufacturers offer their Air Fryer at super prices.

Air Fryers in the Amazon September Deals

Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular. They do not require expensive oil or fat and there is hardly any smell when hot air frying. There is also the health aspect: French fries, chicken or Frikandel from the hot air have fewer calories than from floating fat.

Buy Cosori WiFi hot air fryer 5.5L XXL at Amazon

The Cosori WiFi hot air fryer 5.5L XXL

If you wish, you can control it completely via the display of your smartphone. The versatile French fries hair dryer with 13 preset cooking functions gives you the choice: operation via the one-touch field directly on the device or via mobile app from the sofa. The offer price of 118.99 euros is great. Normally, the XXL model costs just under 140 euros. So you save over 20 euros! You can buy a few kilos of fries for this!

Buy Cosori WiFi hot air fryer 5.5L XXL at Amazon

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