Offer from pCloud: Lifetime cloud with 2 TB for only 350 euros

If you are tired of the numerous subscription services, you should take a look at pCloud. The Swiss company offers lifetime storage. You are currently saving 64 percent.

Take advantage of the latest special discounts at pCloud, where you can save a whopping 64 percent on the 2 TB plan.

If you look at the software and services market, you will quickly see that subscriptions have become the favorite business model of companies – very often to the chagrin of customers. The Swiss company pCloud is breaking new ground; and has been for almost ten years with a constantly growing and satisfied user base. The concept: maximum secure cloud at a one-off price.

What makes pCloud special?

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular. Above all, you benefit from the synchronized data status across multiple devices. Therefore are

standalone apps for the common operating systems

actually mandatory. Such applications are available for Windows, Linux and macOS as well as for Android and iOS. But also about them

powerful web interface,

which is optimized for mobile and desktop devices, settings can be made and files managed.

Speaking of file management: This point also includes one

extensive file sharing,

to share large amounts of data quickly and easily with other people. The special thing is that you are informed about the data traffic of these link releases in the dashboard or by e-mail. Another very useful feature is the

smart scan,

which you can use to find file names, formats and other data in just a few seconds. Also you can use pCloud as

automatic backup tool

use; both for file backups of your PC hard drive and for copies from other cloud services such as Dropbox.

Do you want to create your own website? No problem with pCloud either. With the

integrated hosting service

you can host your static HTML website with images in a few clicks. Without any hosting costs, of course.

Data protection, promises instead of marketing nonsense

If you decide in favor of online storage, you are expressing massive trust in the operator. Because you are putting your sensitive data and maybe even secret information in someone else’s hands. Here it is not enough if the cloud provider only makes big promises, there must also be actions behind it. The Swiss company pCloud communicates in full transparency that

Security and data protection are not just empty promises


Data security begins with the selection, operation and control of the servers used. pCloud operates here

own data centers,

which, due to the company headquarters, completely

Swiss law

subject – despite the server locations in Luxembourg and Texas. This is consistently positive, since Swiss legislation is among the strictest in the world, especially when it comes to data protection and security guidelines. So pCloud is also complete

GDPR Compliant.

Besides, they can

Control measures set much higher

than is the case with rented servers from the usual large providers. So correspond to the data centers

above-average control standards

And you are

ISO certified.

Visit the pCloud website to learn more about each certification.

User-side, hacker-proof encryption – currently heavily discounted

A small additional feature ensures that your data

additionally encrypted with a password

are. The pCloud Encryption add-on makes it possible. Only the user still has access to the data, which is why pCloud speaks of a zero-knowledge principle.

This security could even be confirmed with a large-scale hacking challenge. Over six months, none of the 2,860 participating hackers were able to launch a successful attack to bypass pCloud Encryption.

You can also currently save some money on the pCloud Encryption add-on module. Instead of paying 480 euros

only 125 euros

. You can then also use the function for life.

Offer for PC-WELT readers: One-time payment of 350 euros for 2 TB of cloud storage

You never want to worry about storage space and recurring subscriptions again? Then there is hardly a way around pCloud. In addition, you currently save 64 percent on the single user plan with 2 TB of storage and thus only pay 350 euros – once!

Those who need less storage space can fall back on the 500 GB plan. This is also reduced and costs only 175 euros. However, you get the better price per GB with the 2 TB storage, which at 17.5 cents/GB is only slightly above that of a SATA SSD.

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